Thursday, 15 December 2011

First Stitch.

I can't remember the first stitch i made but i do remember sitting by my mothers side watching as she sewed.
I also loved looking in the linen cupboard at all the tablecloths, runners and lace cloths that older family members had made and now layed folded and quiet in the dark.
Luckily sewing was offered at school and i learnt over the years to firstly read and follow a pattern, insert zips, make pleats,attach collars, hem, embroider and finish a project.
My two sisters and I were encouraged to make our own clothes as we got older and i have fond memories of standing at the counter looking through the pattern books finding just the right pattern and then choosing the fabric.

Over the years i have made clothes for my three children(now adults) and have expanded my interest into embroidery and making quilts. 
Many hours have been spent in Op shops,markets and garage sales collecting vintage tablecloths, aprons, bedspreads and two very special quilts.

There has been times when i haven't made anything for months or years but then the next wave of interest arrives and off i go........

A big wave has hit and I'm determined to finish a few projects and start a few new ones too.

        First project will be finishing this quilt for my son Rory, maybe for Xmas.