Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To Hot to Wear !!!!

First item for the New Year!!
I haven't made a jacket for quite some years and was happy with the outcome of this one, I took special care when doing the top stitching and it does make all the difference.
I was going to make a linen jacket but looking at the cost I thought it best to make one first in a cheaper fabric and if all went well then make one in linen.
Good idea as the sleeves worked out just a little to wide (pattern ok for winter jacket) only problem its been so darn hot I haven't had a chance to wear it yet!! Oh well there's always Autumn........

We had a little scare on New Year's Eve you can read about it here . Its been such a busy start to the year just keeping our garden alive and a neighbour's while she was in Austria and France skiing ! some gals have all the luck.....................

Here's to a productive and creative 2013 !!!!!!!!