Thursday, 31 May 2012

Or not to Stitch

Oh the plans I had once we were out of the Caravan and into the house.........

Mmmm don't know where the days/weeks have gone but other than taking up a pair of jeans(and that was this morning) i haven't got do to any sewing at all.

 Last week(well about 10days ago) i set the machine up on the kitchen table with all my bits and pieces with  a quilt beside it ready  to go...............

But when i do have a moment to spare i choose to cook something,  read, get out into the garden  or take the dogs for a walk or sit beside the machine and blog!!!!!!!

Last night Hubby did point out he was getting a bit sick of seeing no table and he would like to eat at it please............

I just don't feel like sewing, does anyone else feel this way sometimes?

What i did want to share with you today is a new addition to my kitchen.

Hubby offered to help some neighbours clean up all their rubbish and put it in a huge skip as they were moving house and the new owners wanted everything gone!!!
The cottage had been used for a weekender with lots of odd bits and pieces, the kitchen had been decked out with "old stuff" from op shops over the last 15 years ............" would i like to come and have a look just in case there was anything i would like"      

Ok so I can't show you everything today but here is my favourite thing so far,
yes its a Le Creuset long handle skillet it even has a brass hook on the end so you can hang it up. 
I just love it and haven't stopped cooking with it although it did take me 4 days of on and off scrubbing to get all the cooked on food off it and now you can see the beautiful red enamel.............


  1. Your week sounds just like mine at the minute, only sewing when I have to and that is reluctantly. I have read a lot of books, knitted a few scarves, blogged, studied and have been baking again which I hadn't done for ages. Is it the weather do you think?

  2. Yes i'd like to think its just the weather.......and not me just being a tad lazy!! Hopefully i will find the motivation over the weekend.

    1. I don't seem to have the skills to add a button, i have tried but it just shows the code with no picture, will try again tonight after work, Thanks.


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