Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Country days.

Starting on the Melbourne cup weekend and until the following weekend our Garden was open to the public as part of the Castlemaine & district Festival of Garden's.

If you had wondered why I had been so quiet on the blogging front..........

I was busy doing a lot of Weeding, Pruning,Composting,Sewing, Jam -making, Biscuit baking,plant labelling, and of course last minute jobs around the place, the odd gate to be hung and works of art made by the very clever other half!

This old cane couch needed a fresh new look so I made cushions out of hessian and found some 'garden theme" material to match it with.
An old table cloth with flowers draped over the back.

It proved to be a popular place for visitors to rest and enjoy the garden and sunshine.


Bunches of Bay leaves to take home........................

Remember the bunting I was making from an old tablecloth?

I hung it up high into an old peppercorn tree and then draped it down around 
                                             plants for sale.

10 days was probably a little to much but well worth the effort, I met some really lovely people from all over the state and some very close by, neighbours really and invitations to visit other gardens.   

Last two days have been spent recovering (resting my voice, never talked so much!) and planting out the last of my tomato and veggie seedlings and lots of seeds for (I hope) a bumper summer crop.

Planted Red Snake Climbing beans for the first time, has anyone tried those before?



  1. There you are!!! Well you have had a busy time. Your garden looks lovely and I'm sure that all your hard work was appreciated by your visitors. My vegie garden is planted and growing nicely but no Red Snake beans. Never heard of them. xx

  2. How generous of you to offer your home and garden to the public - I often wonder if those that do this find it a rewarding experience...sounds like the answer is "yes!". x

  3. Fabulous photos! Love the colors. Wishing it were so nice here. However I don't want to rush good weather too much, a break from yard work is nice.

    1. Thanks for visiting, I must admit I do enjoy the colder months when you have a good excuse to stay inside and read a book!

  4. What a beautiful garden and home. Wish I could have popped in!!

    1. Thank you Trudy, I'm thinking of holding a sewing workshop in the barn sometime soon........


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