Tuesday, 29 January 2013

To Hot to Wear !!!!

First item for the New Year!!
I haven't made a jacket for quite some years and was happy with the outcome of this one, I took special care when doing the top stitching and it does make all the difference.
I was going to make a linen jacket but looking at the cost I thought it best to make one first in a cheaper fabric and if all went well then make one in linen.
Good idea as the sleeves worked out just a little to wide (pattern ok for winter jacket) only problem its been so darn hot I haven't had a chance to wear it yet!! Oh well there's always Autumn........

We had a little scare on New Year's Eve you can read about it here . Its been such a busy start to the year just keeping our garden alive and a neighbour's while she was in Austria and France skiing ! some gals have all the luck.....................

Here's to a productive and creative 2013 !!!!!!!!


  1. Your jacket looks lovely, well done. I can't remember the last time I made myself some clothing. I can't believe that a long time ago I used to make fully lined coats and skirts! xx

  2. Thanks Jackie, did you learn to sew at school? we had a great teacher who taught us everything even made my own bridesmaid dress.

  3. The jacket fabric is lovely.....hope there are no more eventful moments around your place any time soon. xxx

    1. Thanks Bron, keeping our fingers crossed for a very quiet couple of months !

  4. Hi Andrea! Long time since I've visited you, but I saw on a comment that you'd left on Jody's blog that you aren't very well so thought I'd pop by and wish you well and hope you get better very soon! Love the pattern on your jacket. Would love to make myself one for the colder months. Might even make it this year!! :)) ♥


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