Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Step away from your sewing machine.

Joining in Today with Jody and JaM.  Step away from your sewing machine.

 Life at present is a little messy and dusty, with building materials, nail guns,ladders etc littering the renovation we are doing at present. Hubby and i are in our little caravan so there's not much space but just enough for my sewing machine a Janome Memory Craft( a present from my hubby) which is a real pleasure to sew and quilt with.

The machine lives under the table most of the time and my sewing boxes and materials at the end of the bench.
I do enjoy both hand and machine quilting but at present I'm just making up a couple of hearts with scrap fabric which i will tie together and hang from a door handle or give as gifts.

                    I have also just finished this small embroidery using a piece of Irish linen.

I'll have to wait a least a couple of months before i tackle anymore big projects but its quite exciting watching the house take shape.Unfortunately no sewing room.(maybe a studio one day)

Happy Stitching !!!


  1. Where there's a will there is a way, especially for those of us that sew.

  2. Having somewhere to escape to from the noise of everyday (especially renovations!) is important and it's amazing how little space we do need to create in - the bigger the space the bigger the mess I find.

    Thanks for joining in Andrea. x

  3. As long as there is some space and a chair to sit for sewing we are happy, aren't we?

    1. Hi barbara,yes i would agree and maybe cup tea too!


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