Wednesday, 25 January 2012

JaM Watcha Got ?

Joining in again with Jody and the theme this week is anything  new to your collection?

Now this isn't actually new (I'm trying so hard not to acquire anymore treasure as i don't have any room left)its been in storage for approx 20 years but i had forgot about it and only found it again recently when looking for Xmas decorations so it feels like new.

 Its a bedspread made by my ex husbands grandmother(all the way from America), its made with a very good quality calico and has a wonderful pattern of blue cotton hooked into it.

                               It is Queen sized and has a border around the bottom edge.

Beautiful as it is I haven't used it, (thought my second husband might feel strange with it on our bed)just keeping it to hand on to one of my daughters when their a little older and will appreciate the work and skill of their Great Grandmother.
Would anyone know what this type of needlework/craft this is called?

I have been Op shopping this week but only for glass jars for jam and pickles ..............
It was so hard to walk by the linen shelf.............Maybe one more gingham table cloth..................


  1. That really is a beautiful piece of work and a family heirloom. It could be Candlewicking? Just imagine the time it must have taken. Thanks for visiting my Blog. I'm not sure what I will do with the basket yet but it will definitely get used somewhere.

    1. Thanks, i think i may have to do a little home work and find out the history of this piece before its too late.

  2. That truly is a glorious piece of work Andrea, definitely a fabulous candidate for an heirloom! It almost looks a bit like chenille(but I know it's not) which makes me love it a LOT, coz that's something else I love and collect and that lives in my collection of suitcases!! :D
    I suppose it could be considered to be along the lines of needle punch embroidery? But not too sure about that. :)

  3. As your comment on my post came as a no-reply blogger, thought I'd pop in and thank you and respond to it here.

    "Hi Pam, thanks for dropping by. What an amazing collection! love them all, do you have them all full of other collectables ? linen, aprons, material, patterns,......... I have just a few my favorite being a little blue school case which i keep embroidery in".

    Yep, I've probably gone overboard a tad do you think?.....nope!! :))) Love every one of them and there are a couple more that aren't in the pic actually!
    and yes I store all the above in them too. I've plenty of room I think! lol.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. candlewicking? But, I'm not sure =)



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