Wednesday, 22 February 2012

JaM What's on the Mannequinn?

Hope life's treating you fine and your day is peppered with good friends, good coffee(or tea) lots of laughs and of course lots of PROJECTS................

Joining in with JODY and JaM  What have you been


Now this lovely Mannequinn is owned by my HUSBAND BOB (yes its true) when i first meet him it was in the corner of little flat with lots of clothes piled all over it.  She has followed us along our journey in life and at one stage was kidnapped by 15 year old daughter to hang all her special things on .When she finally left home she wanted to take it with her was told ........... find your own.

Now she lives in the corner of our bedroom and is usually home to all my scarves BUT hubby keeps piling on all his clothes and i keep having to take them off...........

So here you can see one of my latest projects strips of flying geese which i have been making with left overs and sewing them when were on longish drives or in front of the TV.

On the making front mostly lots of mess in my garden ripping out all the Summer Crops which have finished ready for the Autumn plantings.

The Baking department..................... Corn Relish with the last of the Cobs, threw in some onion,celery,ginger,and spices and an hour later bottled and some eaten with our rissoles, must of been OK as our visiting friends have tucked a jar into their suitcase!!!

Now the thrifting department.....................As I've said before I'm trying really  really really hard not to acquire to much more STUFF but when a friend says " I'm throwing out some stuff do you want some old towel etc" i say "YEP lets have a look"    and down the bottom of the cardboard box is............

My youngest daughter Laura who's 19 and living in Melbourne while at Uni thinks its pretty Awesome and its now hers.  Yep I'm the favorite parent!!!!!

Love to hear what's NEW with you........................................................


  1. Love your Flying Geese, I haven't made those for ages!! Looks like neither of us will ever be able to resist the thrifting gene!!

    1. Well my grandparents were from Scotland and their supposed to be a thrifty lot!!

  2. So that's what that pattern is called? :) Great job there Andrea. The colours go well together.
    I've enjoyed the little journey through your meme things.
    The corn relish sounds delish indeed! Love fresh corn.

    and I'm very green with envy over that lovely chenille bedspread! I'm finding it very hard to find any these days. I use chenille a lot in my work. :)

  3. just answering you question here Andrea, as you come up as a noreply-comment blogger.
    Yes I did make her, from chicken wire, quite a while ago and called her Wendy! :)) When I first started making things with wire, I had this crazy idea of making them in all sorts of sizes and shapes to sell. She was as far as I've managed to get so far. Glad you like her.
    I've tried those breads yes, and they're not bad, but it's just that I already had the sheets of pastry and had seen a pic of a pizza using it a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd give it a go.
    It is a lovely box hey? and steal the idea all you like. The more of us recycling and helping to save mother earth, the better!
    Thanks for the visit Andrea. x

    1. Hi Pam i don't know why its coming up noreply will have to try to change it.
      If i come across any more chenille i'm happy to send it up your way.Cheers.

  4. Love the bedspread - just REdiscovered mine now that it's getting a little cooler.

    Thanks for joining in Andrea. x


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